Custom Yard Care

BMS Landscaping & Snow Removal Co.

At BMS Landscaping & Snow Removal Co., we offer flexible lawn care programs to help customize a plan to ensure a healthy lawn with few weeds. We offer programs ranging from 3 applications and maxing out at 7 applications, along with additional services offered throughout the year.

Each application focuses on what Toronto residents encounter on their property throughout the year based on our climate. We are able to customize a program and adjust those applications during the season to ensure effective results are achieved. One thing to keep in mind, in order to maintain your lawn and keep weeds at a tolerable level frequent applications are highly recommended as it provides a consistent source of fertilizer and weed control.

Our technicians are consistently evaluating your lawn with each visit. They are looking for signs of various fungal diseases and any insect issues so they can provide an accurate diagnosis and create a customized lawn program to provide solutions for those issues, along with your regular fertilization and weed control.